Crimson Rosella Creative Adventures

Crimson Rosella is a new cultural enterprise based in regional Australia. Conceived and co-led by Lindy Hume and Andrew Gray, it reflects our experience that contemporary cultural and creative life in regional places offers artists and audiences an alternative perspective that is just as rich, rewarding and progressive as life in metropolitan cities. We welcome adventurous projects and opportunities to work with likeminded collaborators.

Crimson Rosella’s vision is for a more expansive and inclusive alternative cultural landscape for a changing Australia. Based in the far south coast of NSW, with connections in regional communities around Australia, Crimson Rosella provides creative leadership underpinned by research and deep experience in three streams of activity: as artists, producers and strategic enablers.



  • Makes and shares life-affirming, ingenious and imaginative art experiences for our communities and the world.
  • Brings together like-minded creative team-mates and organisations from our region, from around Australia and beyond, to co-create authentic and brilliant home-made works.
  • Grows collaborative regional, national and international networks for the production and presentation of Crimson Rosella works.



  • Develop, produce and curate programs, festivals, performances and cultural activities for communities, venues and environments in our locality and beyond.
  • Promote these creations and grow audiences for art experiences in regional places, connecting these with national and global arts networks.

Strategic Enablers


  • Provide cultural advice, skills and strategy in collaborative consultation with Local Government, community groups, businesses, festivals project teams, independent artists and arts organisations across regional Australia.
  • Advocate at local, regional and national platforms for the artists who enrich our lives, our societies and our culture.
  • Design, plan and manage creative projects from symposia and conferences, festival organisation and curation, special cultural events, community arts projects and commercial events.

Landscape-oriented creative leadership

Crimson Rosella seeks to inspire and empower communities everywhere through the development of landscape-oriented experiences and creative leadership as artists, producers and community partners. This philosophy is based on Lindy Hume’s 2021 PhD thesis A Bigger Picture – toward a landscape-oriented creative practice, which introduced the simple yet practical concept of the orientation shift from portrait to landscape as a metaphorical frame through which to view and shape cultural life in Australian communities:

Orientation affects the viewer’s interpretation and experience. With a 90-degree wrist tilt, anyone who uses a smartphone can perform this reorientation action, drawing on the millennia of cultural and editorial messages residing in the forms known as ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’. A reasonable generalisation says that the vertically oriented portrait invites the viewer to step in, to focus on the dominant subject. The horizontally or landscape-oriented image invites the viewer to step back, to absorb more complex information. The picture is bigger than the subject alone. In short, landscape-orientation offers a more expansive, inclusive perspective than portrait orientation. In the context of creative thinking, leadership and practice, this more inclusive orientation frames a dynamic shared space where place, narrative, community, relationships and surroundings may all be in play.

Crimson Rosella by Matt Chun.

Crimson Rosella acknowledges the Djiringanj People of the Yuin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters on which we live and work. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise First Nations artists and communities, whose cultural connection to Country is profound and central to Australia’s cultural identity.