RESTLESS GIANT: Changing Cultural Values in Regional Australia

Currency House Platform Paper No. 50

Launch and panel discussion Candelo General Store Café, February 3rd.

After the first launch at the Candelo General Store Café on February 3rd, Lindy’s essay will be launched in a series of regional Currency House events.

Confirmed so far are:
  • 7 February Moncrief Performing Arts centre, Bundaberg, Qld
  • 9 February NORPA, Lismore Town Hall, Lismore NSW
  • 20 February Arts Academy Ballarat VIC
  • 21 February West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul, VIC
  • 23 February Canberra Street Theatre ACT
  • 28 February Bathurst NSW, venue TBA
The term counter-urban is a playful response to the perceived dominance and superiority of metropolitan cultural values over all other environments. A more assertive linguistic alternative to the passive, generic descriptor ‘regional’, ‘counter-urbanism’ is, as the term suggests, an active oppositional force to urbanism. But counter-urbanism is not anti-urbanism. Rather, by describing a flow of conscious activity, enterprise and thinking in different directions, away from major cities, counter-urbanism can be a complementary force to urbanism.