Crimson Rosella Creative Adventures is a new creative enterprise based in the Far South Coast of NSW. We’re calling for expressions of interest from performers in our community (seasoned and aspiring) to participate as volunteers in Dead Horse Gap, a new music and storytelling experience being created here in the Bega Valley. Help us make the show! We’re seeking adventurous performer/participants from the local community who are keen to learn new creative skills.

Dead Horse Gap is a dark trippy Western with music by Heath Cullen. It’s a noir comedy revelling in odd characters, surreal twists, fire and flood; a story about greed, genocide, secrets, madness and eventually, transcendence. Through historical and invented events, Dead Horse Gap tells of the mysterious disappearance of colonial photographer Charlie Chaste, last seen in 1857 on the far south coast of NSW. In Dead Horse Gap the outcasts, drifters and fortune-seekers of the British system form a desperate diaspora, oblivious to the dark secret of the Dead Horse Hotel. Until now.

Find out more about Dead Horse Gap on our website HERE

Q: Dead Horse Gap? Isn’t that a place in the Snowy Mountains?
A: Well yes, it is. But we liked the name so much we’ve borrowed it as the fictional setting for our show.

Q: How can I get involved?
The creative process for Dead Horse Gap takes place over a three-stage series of free community workshops between March and May 2024. All workshops include a Welcome and cultural orientation by Yuin leader Graham Moore; and participants will be working with the Dead Horse Gap creative team and professional actor/ musicians. There are limited places, so registration is necessary. See below for details or go to to find out more about us, the workshops and Dead Horse Gap.

Q: What’s the time commitment and what do I need to bring?
It’s different for each workshop (see below) and you can choose between either or both series. The first workshop series is a gentle 3 sessions in Cobargo, while the second workshop series in Candelo demands a greater time commitment and a deeper level of engagement. You need to bring your sense of adventure, experimentation and collaboration, an open mind, voice and body. We’ll bring our creative process, ideas and the story so far…

Q: Any catches?

  • While there’s no cost to workshops, we do require a genuine commitment of participant registration and attendance. These workshops are part of the creation of Dead Horse Gap, so we need to know in advance if you can’t attend on any of the dates below.
  • We’re looking for participants of all ages who are physically mobile enough to engage in the movement workshops and group exercises and up for some singing and dancing. If you can juggle or play an instrument, even better! But if you can’t that’s OK too.
  • Participants must be 18 years or over. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate minors on this project. (There will be opportunities for young performers in a future Crimson Rosella project – watch this space!)
  • We’ll be asking participants to sign a video documentation release and to give us some feedback after the workshop.

Deadline for expressions of interest is 16 February 2024. Tell us briefly (max 300 words) who you are, about your experience to date as a performer (or even simply your interest and aspiration to perform) and what interests you about this project. You can confirm your attendance for Workshop Series #1 (Cobargo) and/or #2 (Candelo) as well as your interest in the Proof of Concept Creative Development in May. Detail any additional access support you may require that will help you participate in the workshops.

Workshop details:

  • Introductory Workshop Series #1 – Cobargo School of Arts/Cobargo Showgrounds

Friday 1 March (12 to 2pm and 2.30 to 4.30pm) and 3 March (11.30am-12.30pm)
These 3 sessions will provide participants with the creative and historical inspiration for Dead Horse Gap and build creative skills through a short scene and song. These sessions are led by co-director Lindy Hume, songwriter Heath Cullen and actor/teacher Tracy Mann, culminating on Sunday morning with a short presentation at the Cobargo Folk Festival.


  • Skills Development Workshop Series #2 – Candelo Town Hall

Weekends of 16 & 17 March and 23 & 24 March (12-5pm each day)
These 4 sessions over 2 weekends will build participants’ creative skills through scene devising, improvising, movement, story, character and song development. Together we’ll explore two key scenes from Dead Horse Gap. Sessions are led by co-creators Lindy Hume, Leland Kean and Heath Cullen and actor/teacher Tracy Mann.


  • Creative Development/Proof of Concept – Cobargo Showgrounds

Weekends of 18 & 19 May and 25 & 26 May (10am-5pm each day)
During April we’ll be undertaking a selection process to cast the 12 participants who will make up our ‘chorus of outcasts, drifters and fortune-seekers’ in this intensive creative development process. Our 12 community participants will rehearse with professional actors and musicians to perform key scenes from Dead Horse Gap, culminating in a public showing in Cobargo.


Dead Horse Gap development in 2024 is supported through funding from the Regional Arts Fund, Create NSW and the Community Enterprise Foundation (Bendigo Bank).

Image from the Holtermann Collection, Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales